It’s draw your friend day, so I started with my best, Mr Bruner. One of the nicest approachable people you will ever meet. 😉

The Wife – first sitting

This is a portrait of a good family friends son Ethan. He’s a great kid and was game to pose. I’m not into the whole smiling thing so I asked him to look more perturbed. I liked the pose, and went from there. This is a pic from the end of my first sitting.

This is a sketch for a future portrait, and also my art book project. This being of my son, whom is just a constant form of inspiration.

Progress one of the two pieces I’m currently doing of my lovely wife. This version has lots of problems however progress is being made.

I love how this is coming out. The creator in my says to keep going even though I love this stenciled look. Actually I drew this with black paint heavily mixed with medium.

A sketch for an upcoming portrait. “Sad Lindsay”

My studio workspace, always a work in progress.